Self-promotion, links and market research

On Self-Promotion:

DO let your expertise do the talking. Demonstrating sound business knowledge is your biggest asset on UKBF; you’ll be memorable when someone’s looking to hire a specialist in your field.

DON’T start a thread purely to advertise a product or a service. This is only permitted in the UKBF Marketplace, accessible to Full Members.

DON'T reply to a thread purely to advertise a product or a service. Your post may be removed if the self-promotional content is deemed to outweigh the original content.

DO make use of your signature to list your contact details, business name and social media handles etc. Specifics on Free Members and Full Member signatures here.

DON’T include contact details in the main body of your post. This stops the board being overrun with people touting for work.

DON’T post “stubs”. If a member asks for a recommendation and you can help, don’t just tell them to contact you. Explain how you have the business expertise to help.

On including a link in your post:

DO include a link to an external source when it’s relevant to the thread topic. Remember that it’s ultimately down to the moderators to decide whether your link is relevant or not.

DON’T drop irrelevant links. This includes publishing a post that doesn’t contain sufficient information to be useful in isolation and relies on an external link for context.

DON’T post large chunks of PR-heavy text to accompany a link.

On Market Research:

DO get in touch with a member of our Admin team if you’d like to run a market research survey that’s relevant to the UKBF community. Note: only Full Members are permitted to do this.

DON’T start a thread to ask for testing of your product or service. If you’re a Full Member, you can get feedback on your websites using our Review My Website forum.

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